Welcome to our FAQ section.

The most common questions are answered below, however if you have a questions that we haven't addressed yet, ask them in the comments section below and we will be happy to answer them for you.

1What does 4A Home Styling do?
We are interior designers who specialise in Home Makeovers.
2How do I place an order?
First – Book a consultation Second – We will visit your location and discuss requirements. Third – Give you a drawing of your room. Fourth – Place an order by paying 50% of the order value in advance.
3How do I book a consultation?
Please do book a consultation on our calendar on our website or call Twinkle at 9884480115 or Milind 9980651258
4How many rooms do you design?
We can design you entire home or just do rooms.
5What does your service include?
1. Planning 2. Design 3. Sourcing 4. Project Management 5. Implementation
6Do I have to pay extra for your professional design services?
No. Our professional service cost is factored into the project.
7How long does the design process take?
That depends on the room and options. We take anywhere between 30 to 60 days on average to complete a project.
8How many days do you need to be onsite?
Technically we need about 4-6 days to paint, assemble furniture & style one room.
9What design experience does 4A Design bring to the table?
We are interior designers that specialise in American, Classic Victorian, Japanese, Contemporary, Scandinavian designs.
10Why are you different?
Most interior design firms or designers focus on the wood work and not on the overall look and feel of the room. 4 A Designs are specialists at theme based styling of rooms. We ensure we coordinate the colour of even the toothbrush and toothpaste in the bathroom. We go into the details, as we say - God is in the details.
11What are your delivery periods like?
Depends on the room and options. But generally between 30 to 60 days.
12Who does site supervision?
4 A Designs team member will be present at the site.
13What kind of material do you use? Is it high quality?
Yes, it will depend on the option selected. Best-in-class for the category chosen.
14Do you do Civil, False ceiling and electrical work also?
Yes. We provide an end to end solution.
15What about Post Sales service?
Yes, at a very nominal price.
16What brands do you partner with?
DDecor, DC Tex, Spaces for bed linen; Furniture is made in our factory - the Premium & Signature Bedrooms. Accessories are sourced from India & abroad.
17What does my first estimate contain?
Estimates for painting, furniture, bed linen, accessories, lights.
18What is your standard per sq.ft cost?
It is based on the option chosen (Studio, Premium or Signature) and not on per sq. ft rate. Please check out our Service page for more information.
19How do I make payments to 4A Designs?
By cheque or money transfer
20Do you provide warranty?
We do provide limited warranty on all our products.
21What are your terms and conditions?
50% advance for order confirmation, balance 50% before the items are delivered and installed in room.
22What is your cancellation and refund policy?
No, cancellation once the order is confirmed, with 50% advance, as the first stage will have the furniture and it is customized for your room. We do not provide refunds however, items may be replaced or repaired based on inspection.